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Don’t own a boat but still want to go fishing? How about spending a day on the water cruising around the shoreline, or search for that perfect future cottage. Maybe just getting away from it all on the lake? Whatever your needs, a boat rental is an excellent choice versus owning, maintaining and storing your own boat. We are boaters too and understand how enjoyable it is to be out on the water. Read more about us...

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Reserve a fishing, pontoon or bowrider boat for the 2024 season now.  Call us at 613-390-2628, email at perthboatrentals@gmail.com or use the 'Contact' form at the bottom of this page.  We are located at 16621 Hwy 7 in Perth, Ontario.  All boats are on trailers ready to be towed to the lake of your choice and delivery is available depending on our availability.  To view our current inventory of boats we have available, click here - http://perthboatrentals.ca/boats

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General information:

-Rental times are from 9:00am to 5:30pm daily. Special arrangements outside these times can be arranged depending on our availability. Delivery and pickup is also available for an additional charge of $1.20 per km each way depending on our availability.  We cannot offer delivery service on single day rentals and delivery is available based on availability.  A late fee for boat drop off will be $40.00 per half hour charged to customer. Please return at agreed time.  Pleasure craft licenses are mandatory for our Canadian customers and to rent a pontoon, fishing or bowrider boat. For our American customers, written proof of competency (boat license) from their own state and country is required.  An option is to take the Canadian boat license test to receive a Canadian boat license.  There is a 1 day minimum rental term on fishing boats up to 60hp.  Pontoon and bowrider boats are a minimum rental period of 2 days. 

-A NON-REFUNDABLE rental booking deposit of $100 or $200 depending on boat type is required on all rentals.  There will also be NO REFUND or credit due to inclement weather conditions on day of rental. Full rental fee is due 1 week prior to rental period and it is also NON-REFUNDABLE.  Cancellations with less than 14 days written notice are NON-REFUNDABLE.

-A security deposit of $2500 for all boats via a valid credit card must be provided at time of rental and credit card holder must be present. The security deposit is a per boat deposit.  This is a hold of funds-not a charge to your credit card. Please ensure you have adequate room on your credit card for this hold. Boats will not be released if a security deposit in cash or credit card cannot be provided at time of rental even if full rental price has been paid in full. Full rental fee of boat is still in effect if security deposit is declined due to insufficient funds. If you do not come to pick up the boat for the rental term, full payment still applies.  No refunds of rental fees will be provided. To our American customers, please inform your credit card company before you leave for holidays that there will be a security deposit taken of $2500 while you are in Canada by Perth Boat Rentals Ltd.

-Rental contract/waiver form must be completed and signed by each driver of the group. A passenger waiver form must be signed by each member of the boating group if they are a passenger in the boat. If there are any passengers under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign the waiver form on their behalf. If waiver forms are not signed, boat will not be released and full rental fees will still be in effect. Waivers are available online and can be read and signed on a cell phone, tablet or laptop computer. Paper copies to be filled out and signed are also available at pickup.  Canadian customers must have a valid boaters license to rent a pontoon, fishing or bowrider boat. American customers must have their home state issued boaters license and complete a rental boat safety checklist form.

-Renter is responsible for replacement or repair of any and all damaged or lost components. If a boat and/or motor is damaged, please report it right away so it can be addressed to avoid further damage and to ensure the safety of those also on board.  If the hull sustains damage, a propeller or lower unit is damaged, motor overheating due to mud and/or weed buildup or failure to observe gauges and respond to warning lights and/or buzzers: this is the fault of the operator and repairs for these damages will come out of the security deposit.  If damage does occur, a dealer could be involved to assist in determination if the damage was due to operator error.  If damage cost is higher than security deposit, renter is responsible for paying for remainder of repair. Deferred charges are possible depending on the type and amount of damage.  If there is time left on your rental and operator induced damage has made the boat in-operable, no refund or credit for time lost will be given. If a prop or other easily repaired item is damaged and repaired during the rental period, a service call fee will be charged to replace damaged components and the damaged component will be billed to renter. Perth Boat Rentals Ltd uses plastic propellers and each blade is individually replaceable. Blades will be replaced after rental period is over if they are damaged and charged to renter. If the boat has a mechanical failure that is not operator induced, a refund for time lost will be given or a replacement unit will be substituted in its place.  At Perth Boat Rentals Ltd discretion, a ‘depreciation’ value may be charged for any damage that affects the future resale value of the boat, motor and trailer.  This amount can vary due to extent of damage and will be determined by Perth Boat Rentals Ltd.  Abuse of the boat will not be tolerated. If this happens, the rental term will end immediately and any time left on your rental will be forfeited and the rental fee will not be refunded.  Pictures on website are strictly to show layout of boat, not condition.  HST is in addition to all costs.

-All boats include a boater safety kit, paddles, anchor and personal floatation devices (life jackets). We have adult sized life jackets, junior life jackets (60-90lb), kids sized (30-60lb) and child (20-30lb) life jackets available and will be on a first come first serve basis. If additional kids and child life jackets are required, renters will need to provide their own life jackets. Canadian Tire is located 3km away, life jackets can be purchased there.

-Boat will go out with a full tank of fuel, it is to be returned with full tank or extra charges will apply ($20+actual fuel costs)-fuel use is not included in rental price.  Rentals will go out clean and if they are returned dirty, a cleaning charge will be applied.  HST is in addition to all costs.

Additional safety information to read before renting:

-Always practice safe boating, research and determine a plan before renting a boat and heading out to the water.  Drive at a safe speed in a safe and conscientious manner.  Do not consume alcohol or drugs before and during the operation of a boat.  While in safe deep water away from shore, put the boat in forward, reverse and neutral, turn the steering right to left so you get a feel for how the boat maneuvers in the water.  Information is found here - www.boaterexam.com/canada/education/c1-safeboatingregulations-en.aspx and here - www.boaterexam.com/canada/education/preface-en.aspx

-Always wear a lifejacket.  Accidents can happen and if you require assistance call 911 or our office, use the whistle in the safety kit and blow 3 times to summon assistance on the water.  Use the throw line in the safety kit to help those that have fallen overboard get back to the boat.  Stay with the vessel if appropriate. More information on what to do in an accident is found here - www.boaterexam.com/canada/education/c3-waterrescueequipment-en.aspx

-Buoys identify water hazards and danger including rocks, pilings and shoals.  Lake depth charts can be found online on several websites such as Navionics (use on the website) and Anglers Atlas (downloadable maps).  Some maps are downloadable and there are also apps that can be downloaded-do a search to find one for the lake you are boating on.  Channel markers mark safe water for navigation through channels without danger, read and understand about these red and green navigational aids before heading out on the water.  Always drive slowly when in vicinity of channel markers and buoys or if you are unfamiliar with hazards on the lake.  Drive slowly if you are not familiar with the lake you are on, hazards might be underwater.  Learn about bouys, channel markers and hazzards at www.boaterexam.com/canada/education/c7-buoys-en.aspx

-Always follow the nautical rules of the road.  When overtaking another boat in front of you, you must steer clear of the overtaken boat’s path.  Vessels heading towards each other must pass on the right side.  A vessel approaching another on the port (left) side must give way and must avoid crossing ahead of vessel being approached.  As a general rule, rowboats, sailing vessels and canoes have the right of way over powerboats.  If one vessel is unable to maneuver as it normally would, the most maneuverable vessel gives way.  Read the rules here- www.boaterexam.com/canada/education/c6-nauticalrules-en.aspx

-Never overload a boat with too many people, equipment and gear and distribute load evenly around boat.  Check the capacity plate located in the vessel to be sure it is not overloaded.  Stay seated while boat is in operation unless standing is required to navigate while doing so at a slow speed.  Do not sit outside the fenced in area on pontoon boats while it is in motion.  Do not sit on the gunwales of any boat.  Front and rear navigation lights are to be used from sundown to sun up.  When coming to a dock, approach slowly, when leaving a dock, drive slowly all the while paying attention to water depth and underwater obstacles.  When embarking or disembarking a vessel in the water, be aware the boat will rise or lower in the water as you step onto or off the vessel.  The vessel will also float away from the dock as you embark or disembark or if there is a strong current or wind if there is a large amount of slack in the mooring lines. Always be tethered to the kill switch while operating a boat.  If people are in the water around the boat, do not run the motor.  Allow a minimum of 30ft between boat/motor and person in the water before starting engine.  When reboarding a boat, ensure engine is off as the water thrust from the drive and a spinning propeller can inflict injury.  As an operator of a boat, it takes 100% of your attention to be vigilant for objects in water, people, passengers, other boats and changing weather conditions. In the event of a change in weather, make way for the safest location close to shoreline if there isn’t time to return to cottage dock or boat launch.  More information is found here- www.boaterexam.com/canada/education/c2-motorboatoperation-en.aspx

-Always ensure all mooring, anchor or any other lines are safely stowed on deck before turning motor on.  The anchor must be tied to the front cleats on the boat.  Do not attempt to drive the boat with anchor in the water.  Information on ropes and anchoring are found here - www.boaterexam.com/canada/education/c4-basicseamanshiptechniques-en.aspx

Navigation websites include navionics.com/webapp (select the lake you are in and use the map on the website for depth charts) and anglersatlas.com allows downloadable maps.

Rules and regulations:

-250km radius of Perth for boat use

-Pleasure craft license required and operator to be over 21 years old.  To rent any of the boats, renter must have had their boaters license for a minimum of 2 years, unless proof can be provided they have equivalent experience.

-No towing allowed of towable items including tubes, water skis, kneeboards or any other watersports related item that uses a tow rope

-Waiver forms are online format and must be read and signed by each member of the group.  The link to waiver forms is on the booking Invoice.

-no swimming around boat while engine is running

-Life jackets to be worn at all times in boat

-Renters must read Transport Canada Boat Safety Guide (link)

-No smoking, alcohol or drugs in boat or before using boat

-No cleaning/gutting of fish inside the boat


If a boat becomes unavailable due to non operator induced mechanical issues for the entire rental period, Perth Boat Rentals Ltd reserves the right to substitute another available boat.  If a boat becomes damaged during rental period and is unusable, there is no substitutions and no refunds will be issued.