Don’t own a boat but still want to go fishing? How about spending a day on the water cruising around the shoreline, or search for that perfect future cottage. Maybe just getting away from it all on the lake? Whatever your needs, a boat rental is an excellent choice versus owning, maintaining and storing your own boat. We are boaters too and understand how enjoyable it is to be out on the water. Read more about us...

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Reserve a boat for the 2019 season now.  Call us at 613-390-2628, email at perthboatrentals@gmail.com or use the 'Contact' form at the bottom of this page.  Boats are located at 16621 Hwy 7 in Perth, Ontario.  All are on trailers ready to be towed to the lake of your choice and delivery is available.  To view our current inventory of boats we have available, click here - http://perthboatrentals.ca/boats

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General information:

-Rental times are from 9:00am to 5:30pm daily. Special arrangements outside these times can be arranged. Delivery and pickup is also available for an additional charge of $.90 cents per km each way. A late fee for boat drop off will be $20.00 per half hour charged to customer. Please return at agreed time.

-A NON-REFUNDABLE rental booking deposit is required on all rentals. The 14ft to 17ft boat deposit is $100, pontoon and Waverunner deposits are $200 for single day rentals, 50% of total rental fee for multi-day rentals. There will also be NO REFUND or credit of the deposit due to inclement weather conditions on day of rental. Full rental fee is due 1 week prior to rental period and it is also NON-REFUNDABLE.

-A security deposit of $1500 for all 14ft boats and $2000 for all other boats via a valid credit card must be provided at time of rental and credit card holder must be present. This is a hold of funds-not a charge to your credit card. Please ensure you have adequate room on your credit card for this hold. Boats will not be released if a security deposit in cash or credit card cannot be provided at time of rental even if full rental price has been paid in full. Full rental fee of boat is still in effect if security deposit is declined due to insufficient funds. No refunds of rental fees will be provided. To our American customers, please inform your credit card company before you leave for holidays that there will be a security deposit taken of $1500 or $2000 while you are in Canada by Perth Boat Rentals.

-Rental contract and waiver form must be completed and signed prior to renting or boat will not be released.

-Renter is responsible for replacement or repair of all damaged or lost components. If a boat/Waverunner and/or motor is damaged, please report it right away so it can be addressed to avoid further damage and to ensure the safety of those also on board.  If the hull sustains damage, a propeller or lower unit is damaged, motor overheating due to mud and/or weed buildup or failure to observe gauges and respond to warning lights and/or buzzers: this is the fault of the operator and repairs for these damages will come out of the security deposit and if damage cost is higher than security deposit, renter is responsible for paying for repair. If there is time left on your rental and damage has made the boat/Waverunner in-operable, no refund or credit for time lost will be given. If a prop or other easily repaired item is damaged and repaired during the rental period, a service call fee will be charged to replace damaged components and the damaged component will be billed to renter. Perth Boat Rentals uses plastic propellers and each blade is individually replaceable. Blades will be replaced after rental period is over if they are damaged and charged to renter. If the boat has a mechanical failure that is not operator induced, a refund for time lost will be given or a replacement unit will be substituted in its place. Abuse of the boat will not be tolerated. If this happens, the rental term will end immediately and any time left on your rental will be forfeited and the rental fee will not be refunded.

-All boats include a boater safety kit, paddles, anchor and personal floatation devices (life jackets). We have adult sized life jackets (size SMALL to XXXL), junior life jackets (60-90lb), kids sized (30-60lb) and child (20-30lb) life jackets available and will be on a first come first serve basis. If additional kids and child life jackets are required, renters will need to provide their own life jackets. Canadian Tire is located 3km away, life jackets can be purchased there.

-Boat/Waverunner will go out with a full tank of fuel, it is to be returned with full tank or extra charges will apply-fuel use is not included in rental price.

Rules and regulations:

-250km radius of Perth for boat use

-Pleasure craft license required and operator to be over 21 years old, 25 years old for Waverunners.

-Life jackets to be worn at all times in boat and on Waverunners.

-No smoking, alcohol or drugs in boat

-No cleaning/gutting of fish inside the boat


If a boat becomes unavailable due to mechanical issues or damage, Perth Boat Rentals reserves the right to substitute another available boat if the customer agrees or the reservation can be cancelled without penalty.